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San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche Travel Guide

Where Buenos Aires takes the cake as the hustle and bustle capital of Argentina, San Carlos de Bariloche (now known simply as Bariloche) is the centre of outdoor activity, recreation and nature-loving fun. Set amongst the beautiful lakes of the south and Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche is a dream come true for any sport enthusiast or lover of beauty. Sited as the 'gateway to the Andes' and the 'centre of Argentina's Lake District' Bariloche is perhaps the best located city in all of the country.

If you've ever been to any European ski resort you will find Bariloche strikingly familiar. In recent years the quest for sustainable tourism development has failed with the over development of accommodation facilities and it has become a bustling centre for the winter skiers and hikers in the summer. If you don't mind the crowds you will find endless activities to keep you sweatin' for weeks. Skiing and hiking aside, Bariloche also offers optimum conditions for superb fishing, cycling, horseback riding and white water rafting.

Plenty of other less strenuous things to do and places to see are on the plate in Bariloche if you're not the sporty type. Don't feel obliged to flung skis over your shoulder or carry a cycling helmet around with you. The Patagonian, Fish and Paleontological Museums plus the House of Indian Craft will keep you occupied for days. If museums and history are still not your cup of tea, a plethora of heaving bars and cafes are scattered about to hang in.

Being a centre of activity and tourism in the south Bariloche hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year ranging from music and art to a complete sport coverage. The most impressive of them all is the National Snow Festival . Held annually in August, thousands flock to Bariloche to celebrate that fluffy white stuff that creates livelihood for many in the area. To kick off the event hundreds of skiers from different ski schools race down the slopes with torches in hand alighting the piste in an awesome display. The rest of the festival is alive with music, dance and lots of the best Argentine food. Although it is a super busy time of the year to visit Bariloche, the passion and buzz of the area far outweigh the queues and crowds.

So be it the outstanding surroundings, the intrigue of the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, the multitude of top notch sporting facilities or the natural buzz of the city, you must visit Bariloche. It's your chance to visit a different side of Argentina.

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