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Fun and Trivia

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Some of these sites are travel related and have a serious side to them. Others however, have absolutely nothing to do with travel and have been included because we found them amusing. No other reason. I hope you enjoy them.

Travel Related

USAcentric - strange places in America
Underbelly - places to avoid and what to do when you get there!
Tipping Guide - gratuititous gratuities around the world
International Travel Eitquette - ..or how to be rude in hundreds of countries
Foriegn Languages for Travelers - guidance
Sleeping in Airports - or how not to miss your flight
Carry-On - ideas for travelers with only one bag
Travelite FAQ - how to travel with only one bag
Cybercafe Search Page - global database resource
The Vacation Gadget Man - speaks for himself

Top Ten Reasons for Traveling
The Savvy Traveler - travel tips with attitude
Mike's World Wide Web of Barfbags - a sickening sight
El Nino - blame it on the weather
Earthcam - web-cam index
Earthrise - search for pictures of any area of the world
Travel Photography - get focused
Geographical Superlatives - trivia
Rulers - heads of state & government. updated frequently!
Flags of the World - site devoted to vexillology (and flags)
Anthems of the World - sound files of national anthems. stand up
License Plates of the World - know the nationality of your next kidnapper
Speed Trap Registry - motoring resource

Absolutely Nothing to do with Travel

Hall of Names - find out the history of your name
Roots Surname List - interactive search
Calendar Home - calculate your age to the second
Year at a Glance - full calendar for any year
About Todays Date - numerology site
Found Money - search for unclaimed property and cash
The Toaster Museum - racks of them!
75 years of Band-Aid - the history of getting plastered!
Almanac of Disasters - well at least you're still alive
The Bureau of Missing Socks - one of lifes great unexplained mystery's
Farts.com - this site stinks!
What does your phone number spell
Movie Cliches List - play it again sam
Morse Code Translator - when all else fails!
Dead People Server - well known & nearly dead people
The Useless Page - trivia
Morbid Fact Du Jour! - For the over cheerful
Online Pregnancy Test - don't leave home without it
Working Stiff - stress-o-meter
Amused.com - the center for the easily amused
the center for the easily amused - cowboys guide to life
Travel Jokes - aplenty
The Onion - USA satirical magazine
Mensa International - workout
Half a Cow.com - worldwide pictures of half a cow
Amazing Picture Machine - grahical resources
Sound America - huge collection of sound files
Answering Machine - messages for download
Game Center - search for computer games info
Comic Zone - index page
Card Games - rules and info
Gadget Guru - reporting on new products

Global Travel Toolbox

You are here: kasbah.com - global travel toolbox - fun and trivia
Travel Trivia Humour and Jokes
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