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Travel Tips

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They say that travel broadens the mind. We agree. But why waste time on holiday learning things you don't need or want to. Avoid education through mistakes by checking out our list of the best travel tips we could find. Wherever your destination may be check these out before you go. We guarantee you'll be able to travel with that little bit more confidence.

Air Travel Tips

In the event of flight cancellation try calling your travel agent or airline for a new reservation before heading to the airport counter for a refund.

Passengers with hand luggage should ask for a seat towards the rear of the plane. You will board first and have more time to stow your bags.

Always call the airline before leaving and check that your flight is on time. This can help avoid unnecessary waiting time at the airport due to delays.

And remember if your flight is delayed you may be entitled to a refund, even if your ticket is 'Non-Refundable'.

Passengers wanting to change seat should ask at check-in as bulkhead and exit row seats are allocated last and there may be spaces available.

If you have a long wait in between flight transfers it is worth noting that for a one off fee you may be able to use the airline's executive lounge (usually 15-20).

Passengers suffering from ear pressure during flights should place a hot cloth in a cup and hold it to your ear. This will actually relieve the discomfort.

Passengers wishing to use a laptop during the flight should bring the correct auto/air adapter along with power extension and charger.

Drinking alcohol on long hauls can prove disastrous. The pressurised cabin effectively reduces tolerance to booze and many airlines now actively prosecute drunken passengers or refuse entry onto aircraft by passengers who have been drinking prior to flying. You may think you're calming your nerves but it can actually have the opposite effect.

International Tips

Always familiarise yourself with the laws and customs of the country you are travelling to. Remember you are still subject to laws of the country in which you are travelling.

Learning a few phrases of the country's language including please, thank you, hello, goodbye Mr, Mrs and Miss will help when dealing with locals who will appreciate both your politeness and the fact that you are making an effort.

Make sure you apply for a new passport well in advance. People requiring passports at short notice will be subjected to an additional fee.

In the even of loss of passport contact your embassy or consulate immediately.

Women travelling in Muslim and far eastern countries should bring suitable attire. In short keep yourself covered in public. In many places bare shoulders and legs are frowned upon and you will not only insult the locals you will also automatically be asking for trouble.

Miscellanous Tips

Photocopies of prescriptions, credit cards and important documents can be very handy if new ones are required.

Parents travelling alone with their children should carry a letter of parental consent from the other parent, as it may be required when crossing borders.

Keep copies of your ID or passport in your luggage and at home in case of loss or theft.

US travellers in the UK remember your FIRST FLOOR is the UK's GROUND FLOOR. The UK's FIRST FLOOR is USA's SECOND FLOOR. Also a DOUBLE ROOM means a room with one double bed and a TWIN ROOM is a room with two single beds.

In countries where the tap water is undrinkable always ask for bottled water UNOPENED and reduce the chances of stomach upsets.

Try not to dress like a tourist - wear neutral colours or buy clothes on arrival that are similar to those worn locally. When you rent a car ask for a vehicle that does not have a huge advertising sticker on the side. This way you can avoid being easily targeted by sharks, hawkers and criminals looking for tourists to prey on.

Money Saving Tips

You will usually get a better exchange rate by using ATM machines to acquire cash. Before travelling only buy as much local cash as you need to get to your destination then use your credit card. You'll actually save money and be able to keep a better account of your spending.

Flying near to an official holiday can prove expensive. It can sometimes prove financially advantageous to travel on the actual day of the holiday.

Always check how much your connection fee is going to be before using your laptop on the road it could prove expensive.

Avoid running up extortionate hotel room phone bills and buy a long distance call card, which can be used in public phone boxes or at the post office.

Passengers travelling constantly to the same destinations may find it advantageous to look into corporate housing, which will save you money and allow you to travel home on weekends without losing your lower rates.

When leaving the airport in a hire car always check out the location of a nearby fuel station. That way you can refuel at a lower cost before you return the vehicle.

Before paying for insurance on a rental vehicle always check first that you are not covered by your company, credit/debit cards or personal insurance.

Safety Tips

When using a pay phone appropriate caution is advised. At night only use phones in well lit areas and avoid those in isolated places. Always face to door and keep hold of your belongings. You are unlikely to be hassled or attacked but common sense does bring peace of mind.

When boarding a flight or checking into a hotel or hostel always make a mental note of all the emergency exits it could save your life!

In high-rise hotels always try to stay between the second and seventh floor this can reduce the risk of break-ins whilst you remain within reach of emergency ladders.
When travelling with children always carry photographs of them in your wallet in case you get separated.

Automatic locks on rental cars can prove invaluable when parking in an unfamiliar area.

Women travelling alone should be advised to carry a mobile phone or at least something that looks like one. If a man follows you simply make a call or pretend to. Do not pick up hitchhikers or stop to assist cars that appear to be in trouble.

Money should be stashed on your person with a small amount in your pocket or purse. If you are mugged the mugger will take what you hand him/her before making off.

Stashing money and jewellery in tampon or panty liner boxes is a good way to ensure they are never stolen. Robbers are unlikely to check inside.

When travelling in big cities or in areas where there are a lot of people play it safe and carry your cards and cash in a money belt under your clothing.

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